My son is dating white trash

And when they socially, politically and sexually ally with people who are of the state like black men, well, they betray the very history and legacy of what it means to be white.

Our curves, our lips, hair and dark skin are so desired by other races that others go to the extremes of surgery to be just like us. The children of single mothers have already been wounded so deeply by the lack of a father.

White guys, would you date a girl after she dated a black guy?

Because you can and true love has no color. Watch the video below and tell me if you agree. Which is something and your son can never do without being total hypocrites.

One of the first subjects I start to ask a female about is her sexual history. He was just proud of his people and his culture, and wanted to protect them both. The white girl is just trash, obviously living in her parents house, with ideas about black women proving she clearly has no black friends.

You can my son is dating white trash up a heroin addiction, drop out of high school, rob a bank or decide to write the great American novel financing yourself on your credit cards.

Which makes them my enemy. Why do black men date white women? Second, single mothers are clearly really, really shitty at making life decisions. I rather stay single than share my life with a woman that uses me as her beta back up. Did I mention white girls wear weave too? Never, ever assume a divorced woman is some innocent blushing maid cruelly abused by some terrible man.

I would never marry or financially provide for a female that betrays the culture that handed her modern paradise and equality on a silver platter stained with men's blood. Men desire us so much that they will trip over themselves to get at us. You have your welfare check and my son is dating white trash job.

This is incredibly vile. Same reason I date black men, white men, latino men, asian men, indian men. The saddest thing is, is that the mother has parted with the son and joined the side of the 'friend' by actually getting intimate with his friend. If your sons best friend is good looking, then you shouldnt be attracted to him, that is disgusting, hes so much younger than you, you are not in that role in life anymore to be chasing him.

You have no tribe. Remember when he was younger, a little baby, and you gave other little children attention just for laughs to see how he will react, and he got jealous and frustrated and angry and hurt and decieved?

I hope he realizes that Peggy Sue truly believes what she is saying. I want smart kids raised by a proud white woman. Little girls long for daddies as much as little boys.

What kind of delusional self-image does a woman have, if she can fall for a con artist with a gambling habit that would shame Charlie Sheen? So yes I give you that Einstein: That I will never be. You live for one another.

Be very cautious around a woman who takes none of the blame for her failed marriage. You are designed to be mentally flawed. Single mothers are bona fide idiots and here is why you should never even consider dating one: A note for all the single dudes.

For some extra dick and dancing? You please tell me, email me at [email address blocked]. I have ZERO interest in women that will poison my children with liberal cancer. He wants you so badly.

Let's be honest about what white boys fear: Depression, suicide, drug abuse, jail and psychiatric medications are all more common in populations of children raised by single mothers.

He has blue eyes, wavy sandy hair and is literally the biggest and smartest child in his private school. When you know your worth, you attract what you deserve.

A widow is NOT a single mother.The white girl is just trash, obviously living in her parents house, with ideas about black women proving she clearly has no black friends. She views black men as a prize that black women don’t appreciate, citing stupid things that she heard on TV or some comedy show as valid reasons.

Oct 08,  · But some of the items that spewed forth "are clearly historic," including items like a baby pacifier dating as far back as the s. "They'll be inventoried by curators and may end up in. Jul 07,  · Ok, since we are going back to Obama, the fact that he was the son of what you call white trash (I have not said whether I agree or not with this definition of Obama's mom) is immaterial to his success as a President.

I dated a white trash guy. He went to my university for a semester and a half, then "transferred" out.

We had kept in touch via facebook as he bounced around the country, and he came back to my college town take me out on a date. heres the unadulterated truth. it depends on if the black guy your dating is ghetto. simple and point blank. If your a white chick and dating a ghetto black guy, I wouldn't date you afterward.

not because he's black, but because he's ghetto.

Mom’s “Rules for Dating My Son” Are as Bad as Dad’s “Rules for Dating My Daughter”

the same holds true if your dating a white trash guy, you. My son (18) is a frshman in college he is also on the baseball team. A few monthsago he had a bunch of friends/Team mates over they were all in the pool. One of his friends walked in the house.

My son is dating white trash
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